The winery is built using a clearing. There are three naves joined by barrel vaults, where we keep the barrels, and which serve as pillars for the family house built on top of the aging cellar.

We have eight deposits of 20,000 liters, and the old cement deposits, embedded in the rock. In the winemaking hall, it was located before the old oil mill.

The harvest begins between the 15th and 25th of September. The alcoholic fermentation is controlled at a temperature around 30 °C wit ha long skin maceration, and using only native yeasts. The malolactic fermentation is prior to the decisive moment of the art of blending.

Los vinos permanecen un año en las barricas de roble hendido de Allier, que en número de 250, renovamos en un cuarto de las mismas cada año.

It is in the barrels where the wine matures and clarifies. After filling in January, the racks are made from barrel to barrel meticulously in March, June and October.

Before bottling and to ensure that the wine is harmonized, it is transferred to the foudres – made in Allier wood and with a capacity of 20,000 liters each – for as long as is considered necessary for its harmonization and blending.

Uninterruptedly for more than 150 years, the Guelbenzu fro Cascante have continued to grow vines and today it is the eight of the Guelbenzu Morte brothers – doctors and lawyers, who have renewed their enthusiasm for the winery’s wine-growing activities.