Saint Vicent

We put the wine cellar below the protection of San Vicente the martyr.
Patron of all winemakers in the world.

His celebrations is on the 22nd of January. In the year 558 was completed the construction of a monastery dedicated to him in France, with the name Saint Vincent-Sainte-Croix.

The abbey, enriched by numerous donations, is undoubtedly in the time of the Carolingians the first convent of the Empire to produce wine. It had a dozen vineyards scattered in Paris (east of the left bank) and in the Ile de France itself. It produced every year between 500 and 1000 hectoliters of wine.

Before adopting the Benedictine rule in the seventh century, the monastery changed its name in year 754 to that of St. Germain, bishop. However, Saint Vicent would remain forever as the patron saint of vine growers. Around the transfer of relics have also come curious legends, which, if they do not always respond to the strict truth, give an idea of the great devotion that had the faithful.