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The “Pago” is a combination of soil, climate, grape varieties, viticulture and wine-making process. It requires natural conditions that influence the biological development of the vineyard, and to produce grapes capable of making wines of great personality.

The vineyards are settled on quaternary soils with great the mineral elements. These soils have the property of regulating the water supply for the vines, the ordinary situations are, neither excess, nor water deficiency. We have traditional winter and spring watering.

The 17 parcels that make up the vineyards of Bodega de Jardín are located in the belt that runs from Murchante, to the north, very close of Tarazona, to the south on the Mount of Cascante village. Everything in a strip of 6 kilometers and with a difference of one hundred meters of altitude, from 330 meters to 428 meters.



The Queiles Valley, is crossed by the river of the same name, which crosses the Ribera de Navarra by the South, coming from the north slope of the Mount Moncayo. It slides smoothly from the south, on the slopes of the Moncayo, reaching to end, in the north, on the river Ebro in Tudela. It is a strip of 22 kilometers in length.

Cascante is a municipality of 4,000 inhabitants located in the middle of the Valley and with a long historical route. It has an Iberian and Roman origin, and remarkable sites to visit. It altos has two museums, an ethnographic in the Romero, and the one of Santa Vicenta López de Vicuña.


In the north of Spain. Between Navarra, Rioja and Aragon, a strip of twenty two kilometers south of the river Ebro. To the north the desert of Bardenas. To the South the Moncayo.

In the Official State Gazette, number 269, dated November 10, 2003, publishes with number 20613, the ORDER of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food 3116/2003. In that order, the geographical indication “Ribera del Queiles” was approved as Wine of the Earth.

The wines elaborated with grapes from the vineyards of the following municipalities of the Autonomous Community of Aragon: Grisel, Lituénigo, Los Fayos, Malón, Novallas, Santa Cruz del Moncayo, Tarazona, Torrellas and Vierlas; and from the Foral Community of Navarra: Ablitas, Barillas, Cascante, Monteagudo, Murchante, Tudela (the part of the municipal term to the south of the riverEbro) and Tulebras.

The wines must come exclusively from the following varieties: Graciano, Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnacha tinta, Merlot and Tempranillo. Syrah will also be used, in the case of vineyards located in Aragon.

The Ministerial Order includes the types of wines, the control and certification system (authoriszed private entity), the qualification of the wines, the obligations of the wineries, the control, etc.

Bodega del Jardín sells Pulso wines, in accordance with these regulations. The geographical indication Vino de la Tierra Ribera del Queiles satisfies our aspirations and allows us to continue to apply our business policy in a framework of freedom and certainty.