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About Us


The history of Bodega del Jardín begins with Martín M. Guelbenzu, who was one of the first to take a radical turn to the wines that were made in the area, from ruralism to wine quality wines at the 1st Universal Exhibition, London 1851.

The eight Guelbenzu brothers – doctors and lawyers – along with their father Julio Guelbenzu, later launched Bodegas Guelbenzu, one of the most dynamic and highest quality wineries in Navarre. They left the DO, to make wines in Chile and Aragon, under the Guelbenzu brand umbrella.

In autumn 2009, Bodegas Guelbenzu changes its name and is renamed Bodega del Jardín, focusing on the original 23 hectares of Cascante and in the charming family winery. And it is the fifth generation of the Guelbenzu who presents their 3 new Pulso wines: 1Pulso, 2Pulso and 3Pulso.


Inés & Ricardo Guelbenzu



Julio Guelbenzu Romano

Julio Guelbenzu Romano, taught his eight children to love and respect the land inherited from their ancestors. For more than 25 years he guided the families country estate (including the wine cellar) and at the same time he worked as a notary.

Thanks to his enthusiasm and good advices he has been decisive for the re- launch o Bodega del Jardín.

Julio Guelbenzu Ullate

Chemical for the University of Zaragoza in 1871, worked as a teacher at the Institute of Tomelloso and in Vitoria. Later on Julio Guelbenzu Ullate started to work in the family-company both in the match-factory both in the wine cellar.

Because of the Phosphorus-Monopoly he started to dedicate himself to the administration of the family-house, and to investments in the stock exchange market.

Miguel Guelbenzu Sanchéz

Don Miguel received his diploma for chemistry at the university of ̈La  Sorbonne ̈  in Paris, and he is the one who really put new life into the wine cellar, obtaining a medal at the Exposition of Navarra in 1880, the exposition of Bordeaux in 1882, where the harvests of 1876, 1879, 1880 y 1881 were rewarded, and most of all the gold medal at the Universal Exposition in Barcelona in 1888 was a great success.

Miguel Guelbenzu and his brother Martín Enrique, business-man and Engineer at the University of Liege in Belgium, were together with their father, the founders of the Matches- and Candle-Factory of “Hijos de M.M. Guelbenzu” and known as the suppliers of the Royal Family. The company almost had 150 employees, and because of the creation of a Phosphorus-Monopoly it had to shut down in 1910. After the matches the family dedicated itself to stimulate the wine- and the agricultural business, mostly established in the Ribera of Navarra.

Martín María Guelbenzu

Martín María left the country house Juanjorena from its beloved homevillage Gascue to start a new life in the Ribera of Navarra. He dedicated itself to the wholesale comerce of food products which he exported mainly to France.

He married a woman from Cascante, María Fernanda Sánchez Agramón, daughter of a notary from the locality, who later gave birth to 5 children, 2 boys and 3 girls.

Juan María Guelbenzu

His cousin Juan María Guelbenzu, a composer and a pianist, spent some time in Paris, where he made the acquaintance of Chopin, Thalberg and Listz. In 1841 he succeeded Albeniz as the organist of the Royal Chapel in Madrid.

Even today, the family’s artistic tradition continues alive and is represented on one hand by José María Guelbenzu – who is well known writer and on the other by Ignacio Guelbenzu, who is not only a respected painter, but also an active shareholder in the winery.


People in the Team

Ricardo Guebenzu
Ricardo Guebenzu
Inés Guelbenzu
Inés Guelbenzu
Eusebio Viamonte
Eusebio Viamonte
Vineyard manager