The way towards quality and brand: wines with a style of their own

We are proud of what we have achieved so far, of the quality and the consistency of our wines – not to mention their acceptance by both critics and consumers in different markets. The quality management at Bodega del Jardín has shown clarity of vision, a sense of objectives and an awareness of our possibilities at all times. To achieve the best wine we must have a clear definition of the ideal model we are looking for, we do not believe in coincidence.

A search never satisfied, the highest curiosity and a permanent concern for perfection are the main motivations of Bodega del Jardín.

The history of the great wineries is rich in showing us that they produce exceptional wines thanks to a desire to produce the best. Nothing can be understood without this notion of will, without it it is not possible: to understand, guide, select and investigate.

To achieve a great wine requires the conjunction, the generosity of the land, the complicity of the climate and the passionate effort of men.

For the owner of Le Montrachet, Joseph Henriot: A great wine is first and foremost a history of culture, as much or more than music or painting.

The notion of a great wine covers an intellectual content that implies an essentially human bond between nature and time. A great wine can not be done more than slowly. Wine is the result of the creation of a tension between fullness and the dynamism of sensations. A great wine must satisfy and stimulate at the same time.

The Art of Blending

Each one knows that the best tobaccos, teas or coffees and many other products of the earth, are sets of different elements with different characters, and even of different origins, harmoniously combined for greater satisfaction of the man.

But in reality is not every wine a blend? The winemaker mixes the grapes, sometimes of different varieties. The balance and the complexity of a great wine are obtained with these blend. The signal of an achieved blend is when the obtained wine is better than the elements that compose it.

In the quality of a blend are committed a reputation and a future of the winery; you must achieve a CONTINUITY and also maintain the possibility of REPETITION. Sometimes one is astonished of the evolutions of the marriage, usually says the master winemaker.

 Our goal is to create Wines of Pleasure

We pursue to make well-balanced red wines, harmonic, elegant, that are a product of pleasure, with the capacity to thrill.

We are a family business, we cultivate and preserve our vineyards for generations to come. We can and we should apply a viticulture philosophy based on the respect for nature, both ecologically and energetically.

Our red wines are not a coincidence, but the result of many years of work thanks to a vineyard, a tradition, a culture and a will of the Guelbenzu family.

All this makes that the wines of Bodega del Jardín are wines that speak for themselves, typical of our land, being able to bring personality, good taste and emotion.

Our Pulso wines are the result of a vineyard, a tradition, a culture and legacy of the Guelbenzu family.